Ear Stretching – A First Timer’s Guide

You might have contemplated ear stretching, perhaps you like the appearance? Well here’s a simple guide on how to do it safely and with as little pain as you can, firstly however you must always seek the help of a piercing pro before messing around with your ears, you might even be able to locate a person who will extend your ears for you at a good price, so consider that before going it alone.

I’d say that consulting a specialist is important once you wish to stretch out anything, such as your ears.
1) The first thing to do would be getting a piercing in the event that you do not already have one. If you don’t have a piercing already then get one done, then wait patiently until it’s healed up before you start the stretching procedure, don’t even buy a stretcher until it’s been healed up for a certain time. Should you stretch before it’s healed then you may expect to cause some harm and pain when you get started stretching.
2) You’ve experienced a piercing for some time which means it’s now time to get a stretcher. Most piercing holes have been 1.6mm broad, it may be different nonetheless so be certain that you know the specific dimensions before you go outside to get a stretcher.
3) Steel tapers would be the very best stretchers to utilize. When getting a taper you need to understand its stepments at the broad and lowest finish, the very best type to get would be stainless steel for the very first time stretcher since this won’t absorb bacteria; this means it’s not as likely to result in an infection.
The ideal size to start in is 2mm, so purchase a stainless steel imprint which starts at 1.6mm subsequently increases to 2mm in its widest end.
4) Go slowly. When you extend your ear it should not bleed and should not be exceedingly uncomfortable. Hold a moist warm fabric for your ear before you ear stretching to assist the flow and soften the ear. Be sure to use antibacterial soap before you extend your ear.

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