History about bit coin exchange

The idea about bit coin comes into the mind of mysterious satoshi nakamoto in the year 2009. Bit coin is a digital currency used to pay the consideration for sale or purchase transactions. There are lots of benefits of using this kind of currency like bit coin exchange is very less time consuming and has lower transaction fees. Today if we are talking about the use of bit coin currency it is approximately $ 7 billion circulated in the market.

What is bit coin currency?
There is no physical substance of the bit coins. these can be only seen in form of balance in the public ledger account. Bit cons currency exchange is work like banks. generally bit coin currency is used for sale purchase of commodity. Benefit of bitcoin exchange can use by installing software on our system. Early in the starting of bit coins life there is huge fluctuation in the vale on daily basis. But today we can see stability in the growth rate.p2p (peer to peer) network is used to transfer the best bit coins currency. Bit coins balance is store in digital wallet.
Why bit coins
It is generally used in the international payments because different currency used in the different countries. And one of the main and important reasons behind use of bit coins is very easy and cheap as well. Small business more likes to use bit coin currency because there are no credit card fee on use of bit coins currency. Some people use bit coins as an investments with the hope that market value will increase in the future. And some people used for exchange of considerations. We can buy bit coins by making payment in any form like dollar rupees pound etc. Lot of security is used for safety of bit coins.

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