Study tips for complete preparation

Given below are the tips which will help you to improve your study habits.

Drinking Coffee

Coffee is indeed the preferred option while studying; it is an enjoyable drink which helps to provide a boost for kick start in the morning. This is because of the fact that, coffee has caffeine content which has a positive affect on the brain and makes you alert.

It is a life hacks to increase the focus and concentration during the main task when there is distraction around. It enhances the short term memory for learning the new material. Students can drink it back to school and get more alertness.

The caffeine content is known to stimulate the wakefulness, and attention, therefore easing the process of learning.

• Chewing gums

It may sound odd, as it not the school hacks. This trick helps to maintain concentration while studying. Researches have shown that chewing a gum during the exam people obtianed better result. This shows that chewing activity helps to improve both long-term and short-term memory. Chewing process increases the activity of brain related to the memory which is good. It also enhances the concentration while studying.

According to a study conducted in Cardiff University, 38 candidates were split into two groups. Then one audio task was performed where numbers between 0-9 were read out loud in a random manner. Candidates were required to judge the number accurately and quickly detect as odd and even number. Those candidates who chew a gum during this test gave more accurate and fast reply than the group who didn’t chew the gum. This showed that it is an important exam tips to be considered for studying effectively.

So try building the habit of chewing gum while studying for your exams and during the actual exam, but not in your school.

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