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How technology has redefined our way of living

Historians have been unable to find any moment since time in memorial where human civilization reached such a monumental peak with regards to technological advances.

We have been climbing up a mountain reach without knowing where the peak is. There’s comfort in that for the overly ambitious and apprehension for the fearful. No matter which side of the spectrum you find yourself on, there’s no denying that technology has inherently redefined our way of life.

Let us talk about some of the drastic changes that have occurred within the last half-century or so.

Digital Currency

The change from gold coins to paper bills happened quite some time ago and it was only logical that the trend would be towards a more virtual form of currency. After all, the bills that we carry in our pockets are nothing more than receipts having being assigned a certain value in terms of its gold equivalent.

The twenty first century is slowly but gradually adopting the use of digital wallets in order to make transactions. Mobile banking has long become the norm in many countries and states because of the ease and convenience with which trade can be conducted, on a national and international level.

One may think that this is a dangerous road to be on and they are probably right but then again, paper currency wasn’t a very good idea either. You spend your life amassing it and then the stock market plummets, or the currency devalues; either because of overprinting or dwindling exports. All of a sudden, you find that the pile of cash in your mattress amounts to nothing.

So, instead of crying over the changing times, it’s imperative that we adapt, evolve and capitalize on the many benefits it affords us.

Media Culture

The most drastic change we have seen in current times is in the advent of virtual media. People don’t read newspapers anymore because they don’t need to. Everything you want to know is available to you at a distance of just a single tap on your smartphone.

The ticking hand of global politics is in the perfect sync with the travel of rapid information to and from every corner of the world. The entertainment industry has boomed into a giant and Social Media has become an encompassing monster that is at the crux of this culture. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram generate traffic by the hundreds of millions and are the primary user traffic resource for advertisers worldwide…
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