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How to create an effective résumé?

Fresh graduates, more often than not, spend the first few years of their new life without a job. Not for lack of trying and certainly not for a lack of skill or credentials. No, the real issue is a lack of familiarity with the practical world and this becomes readily apparent once we take a look at their résumé.

A stale concoction of words thrown in together in awful proportions intended to dazzle but ending up a hot mess. This is because a lot of youngsters are unaware of what actually has an impact, so they get advice from other so-called “professionals” who suggest useless filler instead.

A CV or a resume has to be a compact list of credentials, experience and achievements while detailing your desirable traits that are actually relevant to the job proposal. If it’s too long, sprawled out, disconnected, disjointed, contains a lot of filler or irrelevant information, chances are it’s going to find its way into the trash within seconds.

The world is becoming an increasingly competitive place and with the thousands of job applications for every vacancy, a recruiter is not going to scrutinize each and every resume that lands on his or her desk. Instead, it is up to the applicant to find a way to make enough of an impression with their resume so that it stands out.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while creating your resume.

Professional Vs. Pretentious

The line between these two sometimes gets blurry, for some people. However, if you truly take some time to think about it, the distinction becomes much clear. Your resume needs to be professional: it needs the right tone, the proper language, correct spellings, an elegant structure and tidy formatting.

Being pompous, is something you should avoid at all costs. The recruiter should not feel as though you’re stroking your ego or full of yourself.

Now, that does not mean that you cannot talk about your skills or qualities. After all, that is a necessary part of your CV. However, there is a particular manner in which you should insert that information…
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